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Full frame or not...what's your views?

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Full frame or not...what's your views?

Postby MC » Sat Dec 17, 2011 10:47 pm

Hi all,

I have an old Nikon D80 and a Lumix LX-5 (small and portable, but with some controls).
Due to the limitation of D80 in low light conditions and long exposure shots (i got purplish "leaks" at the corners), I am thinking of upgrading.
What do you think is a better choice: Nikon D7000 (cropped frame but w good reviews, lighter) or D700 (or the rumored to-be-launched, full frame D800).

Prices for the body aside (about RM2000 difference), what would the necessary considerations be?

In particular, I wonder
- If lenses for full frames are a lot more expensive and larger than cropped frames?
- lenses for travels (18-200) are not available for full frame?

Note: I love nature and travel photography. Inspired by Ian Branham, Michael Kenna, Ursula Abresch, Steve McCurry...

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!!! :D

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